Johnson & Johnson Amazing Explore Hunt 2010

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After my short Gawai holiday, I managed to team up once again with Kak Sue, Azham & Eija for this Amazing Explore Hunt. What's so amazing about it? Well, for a start, one of us have to climb the KL Tower by stairs (not elevators) to reach the top and look out for the answers.

Secondly, we got to play "shoot out penalty" and golf. Too bad we couldn't play the paintball challenge. The last challenge is to remember the exact position of a jigsaw puzzle. On top of that, there are two bonus challenges whereby we must find a "guli" (marble) in a tank full of snakes and also transfer the worm from one plate to another using our mouth. Yucks!!

Too bad, our camera girl couldn't take many photo of this event since all of us are too busy solving questions and doing challenges. And we didn't win either. To be honest, this hunt is not the best I had so far. Too much flaw and mistakes done by this Coc. Weak management? Maybe..

In fact almost all hunters, seasoned and newcomers are not satisfied with the way this hunt is being handled especially on the last challenges. Hopefully, they can learn something from this and improve more on their next hunt event. But hey, their challenges is far better than the previous Cyberjaya Hunt. Hooray!!

From left: The Idiot Cracker, The Photographer & The Crazy Leader (Haha..)

Short briefing by Kak Sue to Azham, The Lost Navigator (Huh..)

Kak Sue giving a sign of confidence (Hoho..)

Our partnering hunt team (UUuu..)

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