Johnson & Johnson Amazing Explore Hunt 2010

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After my short Gawai holiday, I managed to team up once again with Kak Sue, Azham & Eija for this Amazing Explore Hunt. What's so amazing about it? Well, for a start, one of us have to climb the KL Tower by stairs (not elevators) to reach the top and look out for the answers.

Secondly, we got to play "shoot out penalty" and golf. Too bad we couldn't play the paintball challenge. The last challenge is to remember the exact position of a jigsaw puzzle. On top of that, there are two bonus challenges whereby we must find a "guli" (marble) in a tank full of snakes and also transfer the worm from one plate to another using our mouth. Yucks!!

Too bad, our camera girl couldn't take many photo of this event since all of us are too busy solving questions and doing challenges. And we didn't win either. To be honest, this hunt is not the best I had so far. Too much flaw and mistakes done by this Coc. Weak management? Maybe..

In fact almost all hunters, seasoned and newcomers are not satisfied with the way this hunt is being handled especially on the last challenges. Hopefully, they can learn something from this and improve more on their next hunt event. But hey, their challenges is far better than the previous Cyberjaya Hunt. Hooray!!

From left: The Idiot Cracker, The Photographer & The Crazy Leader (Haha..)

Short briefing by Kak Sue to Azham, The Lost Navigator (Huh..)

Kak Sue giving a sign of confidence (Hoho..)

Our partnering hunt team (UUuu..)

Sex Laws from Around the World

Another interesting topic from Medical Insurance to share with you guys on a lazy Monday morning. For sure most men will wake up whenever the word "sex" appear. Sorry guys, no explicit content shall or will be posted on this blog. Parental Advisory is required, if you think you are not matured enough to view this. Recommended for those open minded people. Hoho..

Sex Laws
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Things You Didn’t Know About Death

Something to share with you guys about Death while I was blog hunting this website, Medical Insurance. Very interesting indeed..

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Cyberjaya Treasure Hunt 2010

This entry was previously posted on May 2010 on my old Too bad it's gone.. And now it's here again!

It's 5.00am in the morning but what the heck am I doing in a bathroom?? Brush my teeth, take a shower and bla bla bla.. Some people would probably think that I am a crazy guy taking cold shower in early morning. What is so important on that day? You betcha, It's Treasure Hunt once again! Honestly, this is the first time ever I had to wake up very early for the sake of this event. Reasons?? The event starts all the way from Cyberjaya, huhu..

Fast forward, we arrived at the canteen hall at 7.00am. We could clearly see a small group of seasoned hunters’ chit chatting among themselves as well as big crowd of new hunters. However, I'm not pretty sure if the new hunters could catch up with this game. From what I see, the Pros will have the lead advantage. Never mind, at least these new hunters can learn something from it. Good for them..

This time around, Kak Sue and I decided to split up and make up a new team. Big gamble, huh? We have 3 teams altogether with Kak Sue leading Team No.1, me leading Team No.2 and the all newbies Team No.3. Even though this is the first time Team No.3 participates in this event, I have no worries at all since they have recruited one good hunter in their team. The missing in action - Ms. Jue, hoho..

The hunt was divided into Two Parts. The First Part involves solving 4 different tasks while the Second Part is the Motor Hunt.

The first task is called DOUBLE OR NOTHING. In this task, we have to complete the blank spaces with similar alphabet to form a word.


H_ _ DW_ _ E (Answer: HARDWARE)

WHO_ _ SA _ _ (Answer: WHOLESALE)


The second task is called HEAD AND TAIL. In this task, it is similar to the first task. The only difference is that the blank spaces are at the front and at the end of the word.


_ RAI _ (Answer: TRAIT)

_ OAS _ (Answer: TOAST)


The third task is called ALSO KNOWN AS. In this task, we are given 10 set of pictures. Each picture represents the popular phrases that you need to figure out to get the correct answers.



ONTWOE (Answer: 2 IN 1)

The last task is called LIVE, STUDY, WORK & PLAY. In this task, we are required to watch a video about Cyberjaya and answer 5 questions provided. Looks easy, but it is not!! My eyes keeps on rollin.. rollin.. rollin.. rollin..

After completed the first part, the real motor hunt begins. Get ready brains!! On your mark, get set, go cracking!! Hoho. When I browse through, there are certain questions that are pretty tough to crack. I have to really go deeper into my deep thinking brain and some serious discussions among my teammates. There are times when I completely go nuts over some questions such as this one;

Q:Loose the head for a reconstructed facial feature and it’s cool.


In the end, we managed to answer 18 out of 25 motor hunt questions correctly. Not bad huh? Considering that my team is mostly newcomers, as well as Team No. 1 and Team No.3. I am proud that all of us managed to finish the hunt on the stipulated time. I know some of them are really exhausted during the hunt. Nevertheless, I am quite happy that most of them really have fun during the event. No regrets at all.

"The Hardworking Team No.1"

"The Ambitious Team No.3"

Post mortem session


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